Ocean Mineral Projects and Associates present a select group of experienced executives, professional marine geologists and environmental scientists with corporate and consulting experience.

OMP and Associates can contribute to your project or Company at a Corporate, Management and/or Operational level with provision of a full range of services and resources for mineral exploration & mining as well as geological and and marine environmental studies. OMP has specialist expertise and applied experience in the field of marine geology and the development of marine mining and coastal engineering projects.

In the emerging Blue Economy and related Marine Minerals Industry, OMP offers a full range of management and operational services extending from the blue water/green fields early stage exploration planning and implementation to tenement management, specialist marine sampling equipment design and operation, resource and reserve delineation, application and implementation of relevant Government legislation, Government liaison, mining licence application, environmental studies and consultation with IAAP's, definitive feasibility studies, project management, strategic planning and funding through to the development and production stages including engineering design input, contract management, beneficiation and pilot process studies, permitting, mine planning, resource and reserve inventory management, statutory reporting, quarterly and annual reporting.

OMP can assist at every stage of the mine development cycle. With constant reviewing and updating of information, we can ensure all work is carried out in a cost effective manner; providing maximum value and enhancing the lifespan of your mine.

mine development cycle